Southbay Cardigan

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                                     SouthBay Cardigan

All of you have made the ooh so fames SouthBay Shawl or Poncho before.

I just love this pattern. Only I was trying to figure out how to change it into a cardigan. Just because I love this pattern so much.

The only thing I neede to find is the correct amount of stitches. You all now that the pattern for the shawl is crocheting from out of a pint instead of a horizontal line.

Froggin frogging and more frogging and I figured it out.

I grapped my camera and started filming.

After I finished this cardigan I started writing it down. 

The great team I have of testing lady's was very quick with returning it to me with some changes. 

The testing lady's are a great help to me! I have no idea what to do without them.

They are so importend in order to create a good solid pattern.

I Hope you enjoy this journey with me.

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